Pig Leather Policy

We all know, Pig Leather or Pig Skin footwear are very popular worldwide and in our country too. Also, It is well-known that the pig is physically impure according to the unanimous agreement of Islam. With due respect to all religious values of this country, we want to state that it is totally buyers liberty as well as responsibility what are they buying. In our product Inventory, there are very few collections of pig leather items that are clearly mentioned in the product description of every item.

Refund / Exchange Policy: If any customer has religious issues regarding pig leather products he must check product description properly before buying any item. Still, we are providing after-buying refund or exchange rights protection to our valuable customers in this case. To avail refund or exchange, the customer must have to notify us within 48 hours of getting delivery of any pig leather item. Our authority will consider a refund or exchanging the product if the customer has a conditional right to this "Pig Leather Policy" made by us.

Dear customer, you will always find the product description on the product page. Our request is to read the product description properly before you buy anything from us. Thank you. 
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