How to distinguish cow leather and pig leather?

Easily measure the difference between cow leather and pig leather.

"Leather" is a common term in leather products, made from the skin of animals. Leather is made by chemically treating animal skins, or hides, in a process known as tanning. This process preserves the hides, which can then be used for a number of manufacturing purposes including the fabrication of shoes, garments, and upholstered furniture. A wide range of hides can be used to make leather, ranging from the commonplace to the exotic. There are many kinds of leather with different structures and qualities, so the price is also different.

Different types of leather, their characteristics, and their uses are also different. For example, cow leather has a fine surface and high strength; sheepskin leather is light, thin, and soft; the air permeability of pig leather is good, and so on.

Pig leather: The pores on the leather surface are round and thick, and they are inclined to extend into the leather. The pores are arranged in three groups, and the leather surface presents many small triangular patterns. 

Cow leather:   Cattle leather and buffalo leather are called cow leather, but there are some differences between these two leather. Cattle leather surface pores were round, straight into the leather, compact and uniform pores, irregular arrangement, like the sky was covered with stars. Buffalo leather surface pores are thick than cattle leather, with less number of pores, loose texture, and less meticulous than cattle leather. 

Conclusion: Cow leather is utility leather, whereas pig leather is a nappier, usually softer leather. Both have advantages and utilities, although, for sheer cost and quantity, cow leather is the far more common of the two. The West and Africa have strong beef industries, so cow leather is a natural and fairly inexpensive byproduct. In Asia, where pork is more of a staple product, pig leather is more common as a byproduct. Pig Leather is very popular worldwide and in our country too. Also, It is well-known that the pig is physically impure according to the unanimous agreement of Islam. So we have a Pig Leather Policy regarding pigskin/pig leather products buying.